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# Monday, 14 September 2009

I've decided to move my blog to http://msmvps.com/blogs/molausson/.

Why? Mainly to have a good blog engine that's kept up to date (by someone else :-)). Msmvps.com is using the Community Server software and it lets me write posts from Word easily. For me it's really useful to have an offline tool for writing and I hope that means I can get around to write those posts that just seems to end up as good ideas...

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# Monday, 03 November 2008

Back from an intensive week at Microsoft PDC08. It's been a great week with lots of interesting keynotes and sessions and bit different PDC than the others I've been at.

I was mainly coming to the PDC to get all the latest news about Visual Studio Team System and the Software + Services platform. I'm got more than I was asking for... I'm really impressed of the breadth of products we were shown! I mean, all the new stuff in VSTS 2010 would easily fill a week of content. But that was just a part of the puzzle... The big topic this time - Windows Azure, or the "cloud" OS, shows what powerful solutions a big player like Microsoft can come up with. Not just is it a new OS for the cloud space, it IS the cloud as well. With Microsoft backing up a platform with a hosting environment, the S+S vision may now be closer than I'd expected. As a PDC attendee we can now all go and create services in Azure and start getting familiar with the idea of having our software running outside of our own datacenters. A both compelling and somewhat scaring possibility.

As for VSTS 2010; much of the new stuff had already been revealed by Brian Harry and others a few weeks back. It's great to have some time to listen to the product team present their solutions. The 2010 is an impressive release. There are so many new features it almost feels like a new product. But the bulk of the new stuff goes into areas where the product has suffered from the "v1" syndrome and it feels good to have those areas covered as well. I'm talking about improvements in project management (yes, now we'll get those hierarchical work items), simplified reporting, vastly improved tools for test management including a new stand-alone tool called "camano" and finally a much improved architecture edition with both architectural visualization tools as well as full UML 2.1.2 support.

Apart from all good content it was really nice to have time to catch up with old friends, discuss the impressions with other colleagues and the opportunity to talk to the people writing the software we use every day.

Finally, and a bit surprising, the next PDC (2009) was also announced at the last day of PDC08.  

Below are references to some of the new stuff presented at the PDC:

Visual Studio Team System 2010

Windows Azure


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# Saturday, 28 June 2008

Yesterday Microsoft announced the availability of the RTM version of Hyper-V, the new virtualization component of Windows Server 2008.

I'm a huge fan of Virtual PC. I use it more or less every day for development tasks and training because it's so easy to use. Having a way to deal with different environments without messing up your main configuration is priceless.

I've tried to use Virtual Server much the same way on a server scale but compared to VM-Ware it's quite limiting when it comes to guest OS management, such as resource sharing, support for physical hardware (where's the USB support?) and image handling. Hyper-V will likely change this so that we now can use the same infrastructure for virtual images both on desktops and servers.

And as for Team Foundation Server? It's supported as well! TFS 2008 still requires 32-bit OS on the application tier but a 32-bit OS can of course be hosted in Hyper-V on a 64-bit system. Brian Harry wrote about the implications of using TFS with Hyper-V technology in this post.

I've concidered using Windows Server as the OS for my laptop for a while. With Hyper-V now out the door my next laptop will run Windows Server 2008!

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# Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Virtual PC 2004 has been available for free for a while. Now the updated version (that also support 64-bit windows) is available:

Virtual PC 2007 page:

The Virtual PC 2007 download:

And if it's needed, the Virtual PC 2004 SP1 download:

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# Thursday, 30 November 2006

Last week I was interviewed by the Swedish Microsoft Partner program about my thoughts regarding the MCP program, why we focus on certification and what the value of it is. The article can be found here: http://www.microsoft.com/sverige/partner/callista_mcp.aspx (in Swedish).

Thursday, 30 November 2006 18:35:42 (W. Europe Standard Time, UTC+01:00)  #    -
# Tuesday, 14 November 2006

This year we attended the European TechEd in Barcelona, Spain. Tons of fun stuff and many Swedish colleagues.

Our impressions from TechEd can be viewed on the Swedish Microsoft MSDN web, found at http://www.microsoft.com/sverige/msdn/teched_2006.aspx (in Swedish).

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# Tuesday, 20 September 2005

The PDC'05 is over! It was as usual a very intense and overwhelming event. Many concepts that were already presented at the previous PDC ('03) were re-iterated but there where also new goodies, like for instance the LINQ framework.

While attending the 2005 Microsoft Professional Developer's Conference in sunny Los Angeles we also wrote a day-per-day report for the Microsoft MSDN web in Sweden. The reports can be read here: http://www.microsoft.com/sverige/msdn/features/2005/pdc_2005_start.aspx (in Swedish).

Tuesday, 20 September 2005 21:43:40 (W. Europe Standard Time, UTC+01:00)  #    -
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