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# Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Conchango has just make their first beta of their Scrum for Team System v3.0 process template available. This version targets the upcoming VSTS 2010 release so if you're looking at VSTS 2010 and Scrum is your friend then this should be something to check out. Key features of v3.0 includes (from their release post):

Some of the highlights of version 3:

  • Sophisticated multi-team support
    • Individual team capacity and concurrent teams on different Sprint lengths
    • Concurrent teams with the same Sprint length but different start & finish dates
    • Add and remove teams on a per-sprint basis
  • New QA Model
    • Acceptance Test driven
    • Microsoft Test & Lab Manager (Camano) compatible
  • New & Extended Reports (limited selection available in Beta 1 – more to follow)
  • Event Service Enhancements – provides much more “heavy lifting” and less manual steps
    • Transition – one field changing effects another
    • Aggregation – sums up related fields
    • XML rule set then determines next action
    • Composite transition criteria
  • Enhanced Work Item Model and Queries
    • Improved support for Release planning
    • Leverage hierarchical work item relationships
    • Task based queries

More information on the beta program can be found here.

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