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# Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Yesterday Marcel de Vries published the first release of the TSWA translation project we've been working on at Codeplex. It's been quite interesting to translate a huge number of terms. How do you translate terms like Work Item, Changeset or Workspace? Anyhow, I think it looks nice in the web client and that was prio #1 in my case.

The project include a MSI setup so it's really easy to get it installed and running. It does require the TSWA SP1 to work, since it's the first release to support custom language translations.

In the v1 release there's seven translations included:

·         Croatian, done by Ognjen Bajic

·         Portuguese (Brazilian), done by Igor Abade and Ramon Durães.

·         Turkish, done by Cengiz Han, Coskun Sunali and Okan Tekeli

·         Danish, done by Gert Christiansen

·         Swedish, done by myself.

·         Polish, done by Marek Byszewski

·         Dutch, done by Marcel de Vries


Apart from these there's built-in translations for English (US), Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean in TSWA 2008 SP1.

Read Marcel's post for more information about the future of the project.

Comments and corrections on the Swedish translations are welcome. Please post to the issue tracker on Codeplex.

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