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# Friday, 02 May 2008

Conchango recently released v.2.1 of the popular Scrum process template. Mainly bugfixes in this release and it's possible to upgrade existing projects using an included utility. The process is straightforward for the latest releases, but when upgrading from 2.0 Beta 1 I've had to handle it manually (which is the way to do it). Below is some short notes of the installation procedure.

Upgrade 2.0 Beta 2 & RTM => 2.1

  • Uninstall Scrum for Team System 2.0.
  • Install Scrum for Team System 2.1.
  • Upgrade existing projects to 2.1 using the ProjectUpgrade.exe as described here.

Upgrade 2.0 Beta 1 => 2.1

  • Uninstall 2.0 and install 2.1.
  • Upgrading projects using ProjectUpgrade.exe will not work, instead
    • Extract the work item type definitions from the process template.
    • Import the work items types (existing will be updated, bug will be added).
    • The "Sprint Retrospective" work item type has been renamed so the old one called "Sprint Retrospective Item" should be removed.
      • Use the Team Foundation Power tool tfpt.exe /DeleteWIT to remove the unwanted work item type.
    • Remove all template work item queries and add the ones from the new process template.
    • Remove all template reports and add the ones from the new process template.

Otherwise a great release of a great process template. Probably the best mapping of Scrum to Team System around.

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