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# Sunday, 10 February 2008

Now the week of the event has passed. We had a busy three-day tour of Göteborg, Malmö and Stockholm.

The presentation can be downloaded here.

I got a number of interesting questions and I thought I'd share some of them here.

Q: Can I use TFS from Visual Studio Professional?
A: Yes, Visual Studio Standard Edition and up will work fine with Team Explorer. The Team Editions include a TFS CAL, the other will require a separate license.

Q: How can I exclude certain files from source control in TFS?
A: When you add files to projects under source control you can undo the newly added files from the pending changes list and it will not be under source control. Should you later change your mind then exclude and include the file and it will be added to TFS.

Q: Will my check-in policies for TFS 2005 work in TFS 2008?
A: Short story: check-in policies are compiled against a particular version of the TFC objects and will therefore only work with that version. More info here and on the forums here.

Q: Is there any good articles on moving from Visual Source Safe to TFS?
A: Steve St. Jean has written a good piece on this and it can be downloaded here.

Q: Is it possible to merge two changesets?
A: No, each changeset is unique and its content cannot be modified.

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